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Why Choose ETC Castle Rock

ETC Castle Rock is the premier Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in Castle Rock, Colorado. We have programs for Men, Women, and Children in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and a wide range of fitness oriented programs including boot camps and kickboxing classes.
  • World Class Instruction

    All of the Jiu Jitsu classes at ETC Castle Rock are taught by decorated Black Belt professors. We are one of the only gyms in Colorado that offers this caliber of instruction to our students.

  • Perfect For All Levels

    With a wide variety of Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, & Fitness classes ETC Castle Rock offers something for everyone, at any age, and any experience level.

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Our Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, & Fitness Facility is perfect for Castle Rock residents & surrounding areas!

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6 Great Reasons Why You Should Train At ETC Castle Rock

Not Only Do You Get 30 Days FREE You Also Get The Following

Learn Self Defense

Through our programs you will learn how to defend yourself in nearly any situation that may arise on the street. You will learn devastating submission holds as well as knockout shots that will crumble attackers.

Encourage Fat Loss

Training at ETC Castle Rock you will be using 100% of your body at all times. Our programs are functional fitness, improving both cardio and overall body strength you will both look and feel better.

Develop Mental Toughness

Through Martial Arts you will learn a greater understanding of both your body and mind, allowing you to be in more control of all situations in and out of training. Increased focus gives you the upper hand.

Reduce Stress

Exercise is a key element in reducing stress in your life. With our coaches, teammates, and positive environment helping you along your journey your stress will be reduced when you hit the mats.

Never Get Bored

Regular gym workouts can become stale and just another boring mundane task in your daily life. With our programs you will constantly be learning and never just going through a routine.

Increase Self Confidence

Once you begin seeing results from training at ETC Castle Rock you will also notice your self-confidence has no bounds. Fear will be eliminated and your energy will be channeled in new positive ways.

What Makes ETC Castle Rock Different

ETC Castle Rock

What We Have
  • World Class Training & Instruction From Highly Qualified Champion Instructors
  • Learn True Gracie Jiu-Jitsu To Become A Competitor or Improve Your Self-Defense
  • Train With An Organized Ranking System - ETC Castle Rock Provides A Specialized Curriculum For All Levels
30 Days FREE Training

5 Star Introductory Package

  • 30 Days of Training
  • 60 Minute Private Lesson
  • Uniform
  • T-Shirt
  • Intitial Fitness Evaluation
30 Day Cost: FREE

The Other Guys

What You Will Get
  • Learn From Average Amateur Instructors With Minimal or Exaggerated Qualifications
  • Spend Endless Hours Learning Things That Have No Practicality In Competition or Self-Defense
  • No Structured Ranking System, No Detailed Curriculum, No Specialized Classes For Different Experience Levels
Waste of Money

See For Yourself

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Some Pictures of Members & Our Academy


Read What Our Members & Their Families Have To Say About ETC Castle Rock
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My grandson, Jonathan began training at the Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu facility in Castle Rock, Colorado during May, 2013. As Jonathan approaches his first year, allow me to share our BJJ experience and appreciation for his professors, coaches and staff who support all the students at Easton BJJ.
As a typical 5 year old boy, Jonathan's attention span was minimal and his respect for his teachers and parents were typical for a 5 year old boy too. After a few months, Jonathan turned 6 years old and we could already see that a fundamental change in his attitude and behavior was underway. After the first six months of training BJJ nearly everyday, Jonathan competed in his first tournament and earned a 3rd place finish and was beginning to develop a very calm and confident attitude. His behavior and grades at school were beginning to fundamentally improve given they had been a source of concern earlier in the year. BJJ is an awesome education and example for any young girl or boy to help realize their full potential!

J Lopez
5 Stars
client image

Awesome place to train! The professors are always encouraging and professional. The gym is also one of the cleanest I've seen.

Thor Evans
5 Stars
client image

Coach Leanna does a phenomenal job teaching the women's BJJ class. I'm looking forward to learning more from her. I highly recommend it!

Sandi Waters McMorrough
5 Stars
client image

High quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu taught by black belts. Bullyproofing, Self Defense. Excellent place to learn BJJ.

5 Stars
client image

BJJ is hard to explain, you either love it or can't understand it. The Easton instructors eat, live, and sleep BJJ. They've all given up more lucrative careers to pursue BJJ and teach it to others. They compete and medal at national competitions (bad ass). The work is hard, but the atmosphere is very friendly, welcoming, and encouraging, I've trained there for over two years now, lost 40 lbs., made numerous new friends, and have the confidence to compete at large national tournaments. I'm am challenged emotionally, physically, and most of all mentally. It's made a real difference in my life and I plan on doing it for many years to come and I'm over 60.

Bob Ryckman
5 Stars
client image

Amazing place! I just started and I'm having a blast! It's hard core but super fun. Everyone is encouraging and friendly!

Alexandra Leonard
5 Stars

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